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We're very discrete and expect the same but would like to see a picture of both halves of the couple before moving things forward (and gents, this doesn't mean just a photo of your penis) - a profile that actually gives a little information about you doesn't hurt either!

Things we like: openness and honesty, positive, energetic people, communicative sex and sexual discussion, laughter in the bedroom (and everywhere else), BBQs, a glass of good red wine, playing Twister in lingerie, curry, good coffee in bed, tickle fights, Mrs B's pink rabbit, Asia and romantic places.

However, this is about to change, since he just found a discarded pregnancy test in the bathroom wastebasket, which means his sexy stepsister stopped being a virgin some time ago!

He knows her mom won’t be too happy to see such test, but he’s willing to keep his stepsister’s secret if she’s willing to satisfy his fantasy, and boy, is she!

They go to his bedroom and she strips naked while he watches her.

We'll post some videos when we settle in on the site.She also has a preference for in shape guys under 45 who aren't too hairy and isn't into beer bellies or larger people in general – no offence intended, just a personal preference.We're more than happy to go to phone contact early on and/or meet in a purely social environment on a no commitment basis to see if things look good for another step.We're new to this side of things although we have messed about on the fringes as we often engage in outdoor - accidental - exhibitionism and such like and we've always filmed as we've gone along.We both love to head for public spaces like supermarket car parks, in cinemas or pubs etc. It is surprising how often skirts ride up, or how the button ups dresses always seem to come partially undone at the top or the bottom, or even both.

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