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It was this time in our lives when he started to see me less as a little sister, more as a friend.We became part of each other’s day-to-day existence: Sunday lunches, late nights at gigs, walks on Hampstead Heath the morning after.He didn’t interrupt my hysterical flow, waiting until I ran out of steam before gently reminding me I was a good mother and a good person - who could love, was loved and would love again.Those were the words that saw me into my coat, out of the door and back to work.Always keen for his approval, I was hesitant about introducing the two men I loved most.My courtship with Nick, 26, an actor, was swift and I must have known deep down it was not the wisest course of action, rushing in as we were.

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By the time Tony returned to London a junior doctor, I was 24 and a full-time dancer, with a colourful social life filled with a cast of pretty, single girlfriends.Instead, he checked that I was OK, asked if I needed any money, and gently encouraged me to think about my future plans.Looking back, that chat marks the moment I first realised he might make the most marvellously supportive ally.He probably agreed I should start my studies, or at least knuckle down to a more conventional future than spending my days dancing and nights serving behind a bar.But when he phoned the flat in Ealing where I’d moved with the bass player of a local band, he didn’t give me a lecture.

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