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Today, the convent is unused as the building has not been deemed earthquake proof and is currently empty, the hostel used to be used by girls that attended Sacred Heart Girls' College whilst boarding.The exterior remains unaltered but there have been major changes inside.It was built of concrete and plaster, shielded from the road by a tall brick wall.In the 1930s, the convent was home to about 30 sisters who taught at three schools.Hamilton’s first militia settlers landed on this site in 1864.On the riverbank is the hulk of the paddle steamer Rangiriri, which brought the settlers upstream.The Loyal Hamilton Lodge of the Independent Order of Oddfellows was built in 1874 on the perimeter of Steele Park. A former redoubt, Galloway Park is now an active sports park utilised for a variety of summer and winter sports.

It was built between 1910-1912 for a prominent Hamilton businessman and New Zealand Liberal Party MP, Henry Greenslade.Hamilton Gardens is the most popular visitor attraction in the region with about 1.3 million visitors each year, nearly half of them being tourists.They were developed from the 1980s in stages, with paradise, productive, cultivar and landscape collections.The woven Hinuera stone cloak sculpture honours natural creative processes.The Index of Socioeconomic Deprivation, ranked 1-10 from lowest to most deprived areas, lists the Clyde Street zone of Hamilton East at 9/10 (high deprivation), the Peachgrove zone at 8/10 (high deprivation) and the Naylor Street zone at 7/10 (moderate deprivation).

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