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And only two weeks later the Real Housewives Of New York City vet was spotted strolling with another man. The reality diva added a cowboy hat and sunglasses to stay under the radar. Russ, who owns The Crew Events in NYC, wore a white T-shirt with a white sweatshirt tied around his waist and black shorts. Theriot tried his hand at acting in New York City in his twenties.

The 46-year-old Skinnygirl founder - who has a daughter with ex-husband Jason Hoppy - wore a coverup as she left the beach in the Hamptons with New York event planner Russ Theriot, 37. Then he went on to become a businessman, eventually landing at an events company.

Quoting the 1980 Diana Ross song Upside Down, she wrote in her caption: 'Upside down you're turnin' me.'She added: '#Wheel Pose helps ur energy & is a great stretch.'Earlier that day, she'd shared a selfie in which her hair had been exquisitely coiffed and she gave the camera a slightly weary-looking stare through a cake of makeup.'I got the face on, now who's gonna get me out of these pjs?

' Bethenny captioned the photo, which captured her in a short-sleeved white-flecked blue pajama top.

She is dating, but there is nothing serious.'Bethenny last dated Shields, who was a longtime friend before things turned romantic.

He was also going through a divorce with his wife of many years.

The star had a difficult divorce from Hoppy, who she had arrested this year on stalking charges. The Real Housewives Of New York star confirmed she is again dating NYC businessman Dennis Shields when she appeared on the Bravo reunion special on Wednesday.'I am with Dennis,' said the Skinnygirl founder as she smiled.'It’s more than giving it another shot,' she said.'Things had to be dealt with and sort of a gauntlet needed to be gotten through and it happened. And I’m in a better place to make a sane decision.' She has known him for almost 30 years as was friends with his wife too. I think that I needed him to make changes that I really didn’t think he would make.But when Dennis' marriage came to an end he called up the reality TV star and they began dating in 2016. And I think that thinking the possibility of losing me really scared him straight, to be honest.'She feels the break was good.Related: Details On Hannibal Buress' Overnight Arrest The second drama occurred when Hoppy was accused of stalking and harassing Frankel.The court eventually ruled that the charges would be dropped on the condition that Jason will leave the Skinnygirl founder alone!

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